Kurtz "Crimson Mist" Collins

A Brawny Thug With a Heart of Punches


Armor Class: 11 (Leather) + 2 (shield) +1 Dex = 14
Hit Points: 42
Speed: 30ft (9.1m / 6 sqr)
Proficiency: +2

STR – 16 (3)
DEX – 13 (
CON – 15 (2)
INT – 9 (-1)
WIS – 11 (0)
CHA – 14 (

Skills: Athletics +5; Intimidation +4; Perception +2; Survival +2
Challenge: 3.5 (850 XP)

Racial Features:
Human – BORING! – +1 to all ability scores

Languages: speaks Common


Kurtz is like space – a quiet and vast force of nature.

Standing 6’3", almost as wide at his shoulders as he is tall, he cuts an impressive line. He’s never found without his shiny black Doc Martens, his timelessly cool sunglasses, and the high school championship football ring constantly perched on his meaty index finger. His leather armour does little to conceal his incredible abs, which ripple and dance in the moonlight. His curly blond mullet hardly looks natural, but you’re not going to mention that to him.

Little is known about Kurtz’s past, and he’s not offering much by way of explanation. He was a soldier until “the thing” happened. Now he’s a mercenary, taking jobs where he can to line his pockets. It’s unclear where his loyalties lie, but wherever it is those waters run deep.

He loves a good mixed metaphor, but usually only after a litre or so of some cheap, high ABV swill.

No one knows quite why Kurtz sticks with the party – they aren’t making enough to cover his usual security-detail day-rate. It might have something to do with the wee Aliston, for whom he seems to have developed a fondness.

Kurtz "Crimson Mist" Collins

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