Gronknar "Gronky" Smith

Totally Human. Totally.


Armor Class: 16 (Chainmail) = 16
Hit Points: 41
Speed: 30ft (9.1m / 6 sqr)
Proficiency: +3

STR – 18 (4)
DEX – 12 (1)
CON – 15 (2)
INT – 8 (-1)
WIS – 10 (0)
CHA – 14 (2)

Skills: Acrobatics +1, Arcana -1, Athletics +7, Deception +2, History +2, Intimidation +5, Investigation -1, Medicine +3, Nature -1, Performance +2, Persuasion +5, Religion -1, Sleight of Hand +1

Racial Features (Half-Orc) – SHHHHHHHHHH

- Darkvision 60ft
- If reduced to 0hp but not killed outright, drop to 1hp; regain after long rest
- Crits with melee weapon allow one addition roll of one of the weapon’s damage dice to add to crit damage


Gronky was born and raised by a wonderful, happy noble family: Beatrice and Spencer Smith. Spencer, a paladin, brought light and hope to the people in the name of the Gull Queen, one of the most mysterious yet benevolent of goddesses. Gronky wanted for nothing, and as a consequence, has never experienced and doesn’t understand avarice. His home was the picture of bliss, and to this day, he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps: fighting evil, bringing light, and spreading the word of the Gull Queen. Sure he’s big and a bit green, but that’s diversity right?

Here’s the problem: That’s not what actually happened.

Gronky’s mom banged a suuuuper hot orc, and gave birth to an adorable, but hefty and slightly green, half-orc baby. Bea and Spence raised him together, as their human baby. Spence continued his (well-compensated!) duties as a cleric of the Raven Queen, who is the queen of light and life, so still pretty damn great. They never had the heart to tell Gronky about those pesky details, but I’m sure it’ll all work out fine.

Gronknar "Gronky" Smith

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