How Much Does it Pay?

Episode 4

Killing Spiders, Making Friends

After taking a short rest our heroes continued deeper into the cavern. Justice left a trail of coins behind him to remind the group from where they had come, but as soon as he dropped them Ghidorah collected them again (for safekeeping).

A short walk through the dark tunnels, the party came across another cavern. They could hear the scampering of huge, hairy feet and realized that they had come across their quarry – the giant wolfspider P’Tha. Ander quickly cast fog to shroud his teammates from the spider’s vision (screaming the sacred words, “FOGGY BOTTOM BOYS!”), but only managed to cloud the vision of everyone in the cave.

Unimpressed by Ander’s use of magic, but with keen hearing and sense of space, Kurtz spat “nice going” into the mist and threw his hand axe toward the sound of hairy rustling ahead of him. The axe was swallowed by P’Tha’s tough hide, and Kurtz whispered, almost to himself, “I’m inside him now.”

Brave, tiny Ulliston followed Kurtz’s attack with another from his longbow, but missed. The wolfspider reeled around, striking Kurtz with a stream of poison spit and rolling Alston into a small, webby snuggy.

Thinking better of his earlier action, Ander removed the magical fog from the cave, opening space for his dragonborn peer to strike against P’Tha. Demonstrating disregard for ritual, and boredom with the struggle at hand Ghidorah leaned against the cave wall, and flicked her fingers at the spider, and a beam of crackling energy streaked toward the beast.

P’Tha was in rough shape, but it was Ander’s next move that proved his end. While the rest of the party continued to fight, the druid quietly cast a spell that caused a cylinder of iridescent blue light to descend around the monster. When P’Tha moved next he was enveloped in the warmth of erotic ecstasy and slowly, lovingly, came himself to death.

In the aftermath of the struggle, the party regrouped. Kurtz reached deep into P’Tha’s innards to retrieve his lost hand axe, Ghidorah collected any leftover wolfspider venom, and Alston uncovered a small wooden rod. Grabbing the rod in his hand, Alston was startled to find that he could not let it go. Stranger still, each time he touched the piece of wood to someone or something, unpredictable magic would happen.

Heading south in the tunnel system the party came across a third chamber with a shrine in it. On top of the shrine there was a statue of a raven, grasping a large, red gem. Detecting evil, Ander destroyed the gem, and Justice collected a shard for further investigation later. Alston touched the raven statue with his rod of wonder, which turned it into a live raven which flew off into the cavern tunnels.

Venturing further into the system, the party found more necrotic bodies wearing robes. Alston touched one with his rod and it turned to cake (which he promptly ate). The party then continued walking until they found a final chamber, inhabited by a particularly elderly dwarf. He introduced himself as Dwalin and intimated that some members of the party might know his magical-oddity selling brother. He quickly got tired of Alston turning the objects in his chamber into random magical items, and transported the party back to the Turning Inn at Ivendale.

Here the party rests, having collected their bounty for P’Tha from Chelsea the barkeep/ogre. They collect themselves while enjoying refreshment and rubbing elbows with the locals in the Turning Out Tavern.


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