How Much Does it Pay?

Episode 3

An Embarrassment of Baboons

When last we saw our adventurers, they were collecting themselves at the Turning Inn at Ivendale. They quickly realized that they had no pressing matters to attend to, and so they re-entered Turning Out tavern in hopes of finding purpose in their lives.

Kurtz ordered an ale, and Alston eyed some lovely gnome ladies at a table in the corner, while Ander spoke with the half-ogre barmaid. She informed the group that a giant wolf spider had been terrorizing the village and surrounding area, and offered 100gp if they could do away with it.

That was enough for our intrepid heroes (and anti-heroes) who sped off in the general direction of the spider’s lair north of the town – occasional web or obstacle be damned!

As the group approached the forest in which the spider made its home, they were almost immediately attacked by 14 baboons. A bloody encounter ensued; weapons flew, and so did baboons. Ultimately the group was victorious and left the apes behind to tend to their wounded, dead, and pulverized.

No sooner had the group left their first encounter behind when they came upon the entrance to the cave, inside of which lived their quarry. They entered without hesitation,visions of gold coins dancing in their minds.

Forced into a single-file line by the narrow tunnel walls of the cave the group was vulnerable to attack. They smelled the stench of the zombie cave protectors long before their decimated flesh, but the group’s inability to make a quick decision meant that they lost the element of surprise. The four zombies lurched forward.

EXCELSIOR!” Kurtz shouted as he mounted a now bear-shaped Ander and they exploded into the cavern containing the zombies. This was a mistake as it cued the zombies into their position in the cavern, and blocked those behind them from attacking briefly. The zombies attacked, blinding Kurtz with their acid spit and tearing a strip from Ander’s bear form.

The rest of the battle was a blur. Justice attacked front on, while Lethe and Ghedorah pushed magically from the rear. In the end the heroes beat the zombies back, but not without sustaining significant damage of their own in the process.

Here they now sit, on the cavern floor, resting and recovering from that encounter and considering their next move toward the monster spider in the bowels of the tunnel system.


amanda_denise_lewis amanda_denise_lewis

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