How Much Does it Pay?

Episode 2

The Baron's Raven

When last we saw our adventurers, they had left a temple after vanquishing the magic zombies held inside (and temporarily restraining one old man). Upon their return to the Yarl farmstead along the Baron’s road, the administered the sleeping potion antidote to Abel Yarl’s ailing son, Debek, waking the young man and winning the eternal thanks of the whole Yarl clan. Abel bid the group to take shelter in his barn overnight, offering food and the company of a shady companion named Cyrus (called The Spider by his friend and enemies). The father also piled silver into the hands of our heroes, despite Justice’s insistence otherwise, and gifted Ander with one of his prize sheep.

The Spider, being a cagey sort, insisted that all present prove that they weren’t members of the night’s watch before proposing a job to the group. He did this himself by imbibing some of Lethe’s strange and exotic herbs, and with this out of the way he put forward a plan. The mercenary was to steal a silver raven from the local baron during a party at his manor the following day. The group was free to take on the work, in exchange for a small finder’s fee upon completion of the heist.

Interest piqued by the promise of coin, the agreed to The Spider’s terms. He furnished them with clothing appropriate for a gathering of nobles, and brought them to the Baron’s manor. After checking their weapons, and tying Anders’ new fleecy friend at the door, the group entered the party – ready to case the joint and enact a plan to liberate the chrome crow in question.

The Spider was more like The Squirrel in the moments after their entrance. He stood in the foyer momentarily, then turned and left, muttering, “I’m not supposed to be here, I’ll let you all do this.” The group rallied around this admirably. Finding a gift shop each team member plotted their own solution to the problem of the raven and the party. Justice purchased a replica raven, Gehdora stole another, and Ulliston paid out the nose for a delightful commemorative tshirt. Lethe purchased a letter opener, but finding it too dull to replace a checked blade, she slipped it into her bag for uses yet unknown.

Moving into the party room, the group plotted raven removal methods loudly. Justice and Kurtz made small talk with the party goers, discovering a rash of violence on the roads outside of the nearby town as of late. Ulliston befriended a servant gnome who was so impressed by his social status (and his attractive raven shirt) that she gave away manor secrets, and invited him to join her kind in the servant’s quarters. She slipped the party some wine, which Gehdora and Lethe delivered to the guard standing nearest the raven. The guard nodded in approval as Ander checked out the surprisingly empty bathroom.

Collecting together in the garden, the party found a drunk young low-Nobel, Marten Loyola. He stumbled around explaining that his family had previously owned the raven, and that the Baron did not deserve is. Lethe bagged some nearby hemlock as Ander goaded Loyola into confronting the Baron over the raven, creating the necessary diversion for the real figurine to be swapped for Justice’s fake.

The raven was brought to the garden and after an unsuccessful attempt at throwing it over the rather high garden fence, the group decided instead to walk it out the front door. With the Baron still trouncing poor Marten Loyola, the six heroes were able to leave without being noticed (some with more items than they have arrived with).

Some way down the road The Spider emerged from the bushes and, somehow knowing the raven was in their possession, convinced the six adventurers to settle up at the inn in the next town (an inn inside of which it was not 100% clear if he was welcome).

The group of seven immediately encountered a group of three goblins picking over a corpse. The monsters were surprised and defeated in short order. Ander took the opportunity to change shape into a bear, proving effective in increasing his attack power, but ineffective in keeping track of his recently acquired sheep. The unnamed sheep wandered off into the dark woods during the skirmish.

Following this encounter, The Spider re-emerged from his roadside hidey-bush, led the group to town, settled up, and disappeared. The group, becoming closer by each passing adventure, rests together at Turning Out, a tavern attached to the Turning Inn, in the town of Ivendale.

But what will happen to our group now? Will the Baron strike back against them for their raven heist? What will become of the old man they let escape from the temple? Will The Spider have more work for the adventurers or will they be left to their own devices, pillaging the countryside for more knickknacks and animal skulls?

Find out next time


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